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Personality Development

The influence of human personality upon the functional efficiency of an organization and its personnel have been widely recognized. The personality can also be modified to a certain extent. Accordingly, recent years have seen a variety of efforts by professionals in various fields that will help develop certain positive trends in personality. The objective is to remove or screen out those barriers or obstructions that stand in the way of the expression of individual personality, through a process of training. Personality development is the process of establishing control on your thought patterns, feelings, and behaviors. It is ultimately grooming one’s inner and outer self to bring about a positive change.

Aim of the Workshop

The training module is aimed at the promotion of the strategies for the personality development of the participants. The rationale behind this endeavor is the recognition of the multifaceted influence of the personality of the employees upon organizational effectiveness. The workshop is specifically designed to cater to the training of Corporates and Individuals in order to improve functional efficiency.


The objective of the training programme is bringing about personality development with regard to the different behavioural dimensions that have far reaching significance in the direction of organisational effectiveness of the employees and individuals in areas of Decision making, Communication skills, Motivational skills, Leadership, Effective listening, How to speak effectively, Negotiation, Coping stress at work, Managing stress, Improving memory, Social behaviour, Body language, Dressing codes, Business Etiquette and Telephonic skills etc.


Lecture-cum-discussion, Group Discussion, Management Games and Case Studies etc.

Course Contents

  1. Introduction of Personality Development
  2. Leadership
  3. Interpersonal Relations
  4. Communication in organizations
  5. Stress Management
  6. Group Dynamics and Team Building
  7. Conflict Management
  8. Performance Appraisal
  9. Time Management
  10. Motivation
Corporate Training – Our Corporate Training programs are specifically designed for groups who want to polish their skills and improve their professional image.

While the success of an organization is dependent on many different factors there is enough evidence in the real world around us to suggest that it pays to take care of how we project ourselves with our clients or co-workers.

Course Duration – 3 Days | 4 Hours / Day – Total 12 Hours

Schedule – Conducted On Friday (After 6 PM), Saturday & Sunday During The Second Week of Every Month. (Does Not Apply For Corporate Training)

Location – #9, SP Naidu Layout, Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore – 560016

All Topics Mentioned Above Will Be Covered Within The 12 Hour Workshop.

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Note – Customized courses are available for corporates & institutions, so the above schedule and duration does not apply for this. The workshop can be conducted at your premises if required.

Break Down Cultural Barriers To Work With People Across The World

Say goodbye to the world of yesteryear…A world that had borders, a world that had obstacles leading to misunderstandings and a world where there was one perceived right and wrong way of doing things.

Etiquette & Protocol Knowledge

Understand the etiquette and social graces required to work in any environment across the world. Handle any situation with finesse and grace with the right mindset and thought process.

To Stand out in a crowd today, you need refinement, social etiquette and know how to carry yourself socially. Leadership traits in a person cannot come about without the presence of the right etiquette.

Personal Image Management

Learn how to distinguish style from fashion and add class to every wardrobe with extended knowledge in the details of being well-dressed. Personal Image Management is the art and science of managing one’s appearance to create powerful first impressions to get more opportunities in life.

Gone are the days wherein academic education and technical knowledge were enough to be successful. These are possessed by many today and Image Management provides the winning edge.

Verbal and Non-Verbal Signals

“The Silent Signals Speak Louder Than Words” – Your body language plays a very important role in establishing your presence. Most leaders are under heightened visibility and constantly transmit non-verbal cues with each and every movement. This involves your gestures, facial expressions, your walking style, and much more.

The ability to control and project the type of non-verbal cues you intend to while being able to translate and respond to the unconscious signals being sent by others in essential for excelling in a professional work environment.

Written Communication & Business Correspondence

The smooth functioning of any professional environment relies on effective communication. Your ability to convey your thoughts and messages effectively is often times more valuable than your technical skills and qualifications.

Understanding and making use of a sound vocabulary of words, and following certain formal standards for business correspondence are few of the things that will help you function smoothly in a workplace.

High-Impact Presentations

Whether you’re persuading colleagues, selling a client, energizing a team or showing an idea to senior management, the power of your presentation can make the difference. In this hands-on training, participants will learn by having their presentations evaluated by an expert followed by a one-to-one coaching session.

This course can add great value to managers, senior executives and sales persons who often need to present and convey their message in large or small groups of people.

Advanced Communication Skills

Learn to communicate effectively with everyone, from a subordinate at work to corporate executives, diplomats and government officials to royalties and celebrities.

Communication isn’t just about the usage of words or mediums of communication, this is an advanced course dealing with the body postures, gestures and facial expressions necessary to communicate effectively.

Time Management

Most important aspect of an individual’s life, whether to manage family life or social life or work life or even to manage Work-Life balance and also our own self.

The key to achieving all your goals is effectively managing the time you have and compartmentalizing each day to give importance to professional, personal and recreational goals.

The Ability To Engage & Mobilize Groups Is What Defines Great Leaders

People and diamonds have real market value online when polished to their finest!

Public Speaking

Whether it’s a debate or a discussion, a private party or a boardroom meeting, one must learn to convey information and thoughts effectively in order to lead. Learn to engage and captivate large audiences with your speaking.

Participants will learn this practically with various types of public speaking sessions, where feedback is provided immediately. We will make sure to take you from shy & doubtful to the confident, captivating & powerful orator you dream to be.

Negotiation Skills

How do FBI Agents negotiate during a hostage crisis? They do it as though their lives depended on it. Whether it’s at home or in the boardroom, learn to deal with high-stakes negotiations with tact and diplomacy.

Negotiation is all about planning and awareness, it is the structure, process, behavior, and confidence you feel, that makes a difference.

Emotional Intelligence

IQ is highly overrated! In the real world, the one thing that defines highly successful people is their ability to handle interpersonal relations judiciously. Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify emotions, to understand their effect, and to use that information to guide thinking and behavior.

It is the ability to make emotions work for you, rather than against you! There is no structured program or template that can help you develop a high EQ, we can only help you identify emotions as you experience them.

Leadership Attitudes

Every great political, spiritual and business leader of this holy land called mother “India” and in the world from time immemorial, have exhibited greatest virtues of leadership.

Those great personalities had shown us the path, which only might take us and our society to great heights both in the world of materialism and spirituality and can make us dutiful.

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Schedule – 15th Sept 2017 To 17th Sept 2017 (Fri-Sat-Sun)

Duration – 12 Hours Total | 4 Hours Each Day

Location – #9 SP Naidu Layout, Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore – 560016

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About The Instructor

Shri. R. K. Singh – M.Tech (IIT, Roorkee) GMP (IIM, Bangalore)

– 34 Years in Min. of IT & Communication (an attached PSU)

– Former Corporate Head – Quality & HR

– Former Head of Training Center – HRED & OD – Intensive Teaching Experience

With nearly 34 years of experience in ITI Limited, retiring from a senior management position, Shri. R. K. Singh has accumulated a wealth of experience in interpersonal relationships, leadership skills, and effective communication. He was the 4th senior most officer after the CMD in the hierarchy of the company.

Along with professional excellence, he is also a deeply spiritual person who meditates for 1 and a half to 2 hours each day, allowing him to develop holistic approaches towards personality development, stress management, and lifestyle management.

Over the past few years, he has successfully conducted these workshops for corporates, government institutions, and senior executives.

All his workshops and courses are conducted using interactive sessions, experience sharing, and scientifically proven case studies.

See What Our Participants Have To Say,

"The methodology of minimizing stress levels by 'Being In The Present', along with practical examples taught and discussed in the program are highly appreciated by one and all of us"



Technical Director

"The course conducted by Shri. R. K. Singh on quality living & lifestyle management was very well received by the students and faculty of AIIMS, Patna."




"All our participants felt they were more cheerful, efficient and more productive in their workplace after this workshop, all the attendees rated it "Excellent"."




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